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Outback Education Consultancy established with certain aims and objectives. Outback Education Consultancy with a team of dedicated staff and excellent support services has been meeting the requirements of those students who are aspiring to study abroad in every possible area. Within a period of its establishment, it has set a track record by sending considerable number of Nepalese students abroad. It has indeed contributed a lot in fulfilling the demands of students aspiring to go abroad in various fields. The affiliated sites & colleges is always committed to do better in the future so that we can in one way or the other contribute positively to further development of the nation.. As a modality to achieve this, we have tried to use resources that are available in and outside the country. Therefore, the main thrust of the Outback Education Consultancy is to make it a consultancy centre of international standard and to achieve this goal we are thriving forward with the following aims and objectives:

To guide the Nepalese students to pursue their education in foreign Colleges and Universities:
One of the basic objectives of Outback Education Consultancy is to guide the fellow Nepalese students to pursue their education in foreign Colleges and Universities of academic excellence. Since the educational institutions abroad are not accessible to every student, Outback Education Consultancy Education with its professional and expert individuals is always ready to help the students find the educational institution of their choice abroad.

To provide precise information about the educational institutions around the globe:
Outback Education Consultancy is also committed to help the students by providing information about the educational institution around the globe. After finding out the student’s interested field of study, we provide them with all the information that we have gather about educational institution from around the globe.

To help the students for the preparation of TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT ETC classes:
Apart from counseling the students for abroad study, we also help the interested students for the preparation of TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT and other related classes. To fulfill the demands of the interested students college building is well equipped with the entire brand -new educational aid and materials, various audio-visual aid that are necessary for the preparation classes are also made available in Outback Education Consultancy.

To protect students and guardians from being misleaded:
Because of the huge mass of educational consultancies across the country, the students and guardians are often misguided and cheated in the name of abroad study. They not only lost their precious time but they also lost a huge amount of money in this process. Therefore, one of the reasons that led us to create Outback Education Consultancy is to protect those misleaded students and guardians from the hand of education mafia and show them the right path of their future career.

To counsel and assist students for foreign academic institutions:
Since we represent a heap of foreign educational institution in Nepal, we at Outback Education Consultancy not only counsel the students, but we also assist them get enrolled in those institutions. We have an affiliation with most of the Asian, American, European and Australian colleges and Universities and therefore our primary objective is to get enrolled as much students as possible.

To aid students for Visa interview and /or Visa:
Obtaining a student visa is an integral part of abroad study and this is a common problem face by students from a developing countries. But as we usually have mutual relationship with the concerned bodies like Foreign Embassies, Consulates, Immigration offices, Ministry of Education etc which help to obtain visa for our students. Beside this, we at Outback Education Consultancy also help the students to prepare well with necessary documents for visa interview and for obtaining the Visa itself.

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